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When should I come in?

7+ weeks - You are able to do the SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender Reveal Testing
9+ weeks - Ideal time to check on baby and get a heartbeat keepsake.
15-25 weeks - Ideal time for gender determination or heartbeat keepsakes.
25-30 weeks - Best HD/5D viewing. Baby is filling out and cheeks are getting cute and chubby. 
31-35 weeks - Late HD/5D viewing. Don't delay! Viewing opportunities are getting limited. 
36+ weeks - Sorry, baby is out of room. Baby's face is pressed against their arms, hands, feet
and Mommy's belly making it almost impossible to get images.

*If you are early, we recommend a 2D keepsake (9 weeks+) or gender package (15 weeks+),
then return 25-30 weeks for the best HD/5D images. 10% off any return visit!

What is an Elective 3,4,or 5D/HD ultrasound?

We use the latest in ultrasound technology to provide you with the best possible image of your baby. This technology uses a 2D ultrasound image just as your prenatal physician uses, and then renders a 3D/4D/5D image from it to give you a more life like experience of seeing your baby.

Are elective ultrasounds safe for my baby and I?

Ultrasound imaging has been used for over 20 years with an excellent safety record. It is based on non-ionizing radiation, so it does not have the same risks as X-rays or other types of imaging systems. If you have any concerns about elective ultrasounds, please refer them to your prenatal care physician.

Will my insurance cover my session?

No. Hello Baby Ultrasound Studio only provides ELECTIVE ultrasound services, therefore medical insurance will not cover these services as they are not medical in any way. Think of it as picture day for baby. Elective ultrasounds are strictly for entertainment and bonding purposes only and are not for diagnosing or acquiring medical information or diagnostics.
We accept cash only.

What can affect the quality of my ultrasound pictures and video?

Ideally, Baby's face would be in a general direction opposite of Mommy's back, surrounded by clear and abundant amniotic fluid with only fluid touching the face and there be limited fat tissue or skin and no placenta between baby and the probe. One of the biggest issues that can be minimized is low amniotic fluid. Proper hydration is key. Drink (4) 16 oz. bottles of water daily up to 2 weeks leading up to your appointment. This can clear up and increase the amniotic fluid making for better pictures and is also good for baby. Always consult your physician before changing your diet or water intake routine.

May I bring friends and family?

*Due to Covid at this time we are only allowing one guest per visit

Absolutely! We want your other children, friends, and family to enjoy this experience with you. We can comfortably seat 6-8 guests in the ultrasound room. If you have more, please let us know ahead of time so that we may be able to accommodate. For friends and family that cannot make it to the session, Sono-link™ is available. With this convenient viewing and sharing solution, you can view and share the entire video session and images through a link that is shareable with whomever you like once the session is complete. Large parties should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and try not to be late as entertaining large parties can take extra time.

What is the Re-scan scheduling policy?

We will gladly perform one free re-scan at our discretion if we feel more time may help. As mentioned, this is at no additional cost to you. However, you must follow our re-scan policies. Re-scans must be scheduled within 10 days of the original appointment. You must reschedule before 2 pm the day before your new appt or you forfeit the re-scan. Not showing for your Re-scan will also forfeit it. Please arrive 10 minutes early. The allotted time for re-scans is 20 minutes. Arriving later than 15 minutes after your appointment time will not allow enough for a re-scan and will be treated as a no show and it will be forfeited.

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